ALUCROMIE is the attempt to take a technically perfect and functional product, such as the aluminium radiator, and make it a real furnishing accessory, perfectly integrated with the rest of the room where it is installed. A unique product of its kind that, with the many colours and effects available, makes it possible to match the radiator to everything around it, to the furniture, to the painting of the walls, to the floor of the room or simply contributes to make the environment more welcoming.

The wide choice of themes available, moreover, can satisfy any furnishing requirement, from faux marble or wood colours, to the most modern themes adaptable to any kind of environment.

All this can be obtained at a lower price than the classic "design" heating products, which often cost too much and are usually based on non-stainless steel products and therefore technically inferior.

The painting is done through a process that guarantees a perfect aesthetic effect and maximum durability over time and that leaves the performance characteristics of the radiator unchanged.


The choice of the aluminium radiator as the terminal of your heating system, in fact, today is a winning choice for many reasons:

- Low thermal inertia: it is the metal that reacts more quickly to the heat generator of your home and therefore to the needs of the user. ES: Imagine yourself driving a car, if you brake, you want the car to stop immediately, just as on the contrary, if you accelerate, you want to start right away. This happens with aluminium when you turn your system off or on. Not with steel and even worse with old cast iron systems. Low thermal inertia is absolutely the most important advantage, especially when you have excellent insulation in your home.

- Better volume/power and weight/power ratio: on balance, each aluminium element makes more than the other metals, with the same radiator output. You will therefore need fewer elements and therefore a much lower volume and weight.

- Cleaning: thanks to its anti-corrosive and self-passivating characteristics, aluminium leaves the water in the system much cleaner than other metals, thus preserving its own life and that of its boiler exchanger and guaranteeing maximum efficiency and lower gas consumption.

- Better quality/price ratio: a product practically eternal corresponds to the lowest market price compared to all other metals.

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